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We Service & Repair All 35mm, 65mm, Some 16mm Cameras, and Many Brands



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  • Lens Cleaning
  • Lens Lubing
  • Lens Adjustments
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  • Lens Overhauls
  • Lens Mounts
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Custom Machining

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Meet Ken Stone

My History

I have been interested in photography since I was very young. My Dad had a watch repair/jewelry shop in Hollywood and I used to go to work with him. I met Howard Cashion (Cash) the supervisor of the neighboring business, Mark Armistead Camera Rentals.

He hired me in 1980 to learn to service and repair camera equipment, mostly tripods, heads, dollies etc.. He was very impressed at how fast I caught on and how I was able to pick the right tool for the job each time. He moved me up to the front to work on cameras and lenses after a few months.

I received lots of hands on training from Cash and received great tips from Greg Beaumonte for working on complex Mitchell movements. I was trained to work on Mitchell, Arri, and Fries cameras. We also work on Angeniuex, Cineovision, Cooke, Kowa, Canon, and Baltar lenses. After hours, I would work on side jobs and had many of my own customers.

In 1988, I started Stone Cinema Engineering. We were kept very busy by the Paramount Pictures camera department for many years until they closed down the department. We have also repaired and modified many cameras that are out working in the field today.

We supplied many commercials, sitcoms with Hi Speed and Single Frame effects camera packages. We sold many Mitchell cameras and accessories for the animation industry. We are proud of the collectible cameras that we have restored and are being displayed in museums.

We continue to repair, restore, service and sell many cameras and lenses and are very proud to be able to service this industry for this many years.

Some of My Favorite Cameras and Projects

Mitchell BNC#2

Greg Toland Camera-displayed at the American Society of Cinematographers museum in Hollywood. This BNC 2 was converted over the years and then into a Cinema Products Pellical Reflex. Later, Stone Cinema Engineering restored it back to the BNC #2 factory specifications.

Cinerama #5

This camera was used on How the West Was Won. This was a three camera head on an L plate with 3 27mm lenses. We restored the camera bodies and put in new electronics with 110V DC motor controller. This camera was used in a short film called “In the Picture” after 60 years of being stored. It was displayed at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood until the theatre recently closed.

Mitchell Std #66

The original King Kong camera from 1933- We restored camera #66. It had 2 full sized registration pins, which was very unusual in a movement. The camera worked again on a remake of King Kong in 2005. They used it in the hand crank scenes.

Mitchell 65mm - Michael Todd Cameras

We restored back to working order many of these cameras. The AP65, FC65 and Todd AO 65’s.

Mitchell 35mm Vista Vision - The Alfred Hitchcock Elephant Ears rack up Cameras

We serviced these cameras at Paramount Pictures for many years.

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